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Since its publication on November 1, 2000, The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions has served as an important tool for project managers who must be judged by the company’s financial goals as well as their technical success.  The book has even served as a key text for project managers with MBAs.  The authors, Dennis J. Cohen and Robert J. Graham, carefully break down each concept into easy to understand terms that will enhance the job performance of everyone be they new or old project managers.  Even those with a Project Management MBA will benefit from reading this book!  Each of the carefully explained concepts is further enhanced by case studies and the case studies cover a wide range of entities including businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations.  These case studies are so powerful that project management training will come alive as the reader immerses themselves into them.   Read More→

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"Cross-Functional Teams” is a book by Glenn M. Parker written about the organizational structures in the corporate world today.  With the acceptance of project management practices corporate structures need to be consistently evaluated.  In this book, Glenn Parker takes a close look at how formerly vertical organizations come together in a team oriented environment.  These teams are vital for flattening organizations and speeding execution while eliminating group think.

This is a book that is very informative and has been used in academia for some time.  Glenn M. Parker is a consultant who has helped create high-performance teams at Merck & Company, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 3M, AT&T, NYNEX, Allied Signal, Sun Microsystems, and the EPA.  One particular class environment where this book has been used is a class called Project Leadership, Management, and Communications that leads to a certificate from The George Washington University School of Business.  This class is widely accepted by the Fortune 1000 and is one of the cornerstones in a seven class program leading to a Master Certificate in Project Management. 

While traditional organizations are vertical, this book looks at the modern organizational structures used by the top project management companies in the world.  Cross-functional teams are ultimately required for project success because of the varied skill sets that are needed on project teams.  While vertical departments still exist like Operations, Engineering, Quality Control and the like, the cross-functional team is an empowered team with representation from all departments. Read More→

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