The Project Manager’s MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions into Business Success


Since its publication on November 1, 2000, The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions has served as an important tool for project managers who must be judged by the company’s financial goals as well as their technical success.  The book has even served as a key text for project managers with MBAs.  The authors, Dennis J. Cohen and Robert J. Graham, carefully break down each concept into easy to understand terms that will enhance the job performance of everyone be they new or old project managers.  Even those with a Project Management MBA will benefit from reading this book!  Each of the carefully explained concepts is further enhanced by case studies and the case studies cover a wide range of entities including businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations.  These case studies are so powerful that project management training will come alive as the reader immerses themselves into them.  

Dennis J. Cohen and Robert J. Graham spent many years as project managers before becoming university professors.  They have both worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop the programs that execute projects.  The reader of The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions will be fascinated from the stories that these two share with their readers.  While a textbook used in many MBA programs, the book is easy to read.  You will find yourself returning time and time again to the concepts taught in this book.  Project management training has never been so easy.

This is a book that will totally revolutionize the thinking of all project managers, even those with many years of formal project management training.  In easy to understand writing, the authors, Dennis J. Cohen and Robert J. Graham, carefully explain how to translate project decisions into business success.  Project managers, will find that they really will think of this book as The Project Manager's MBA.  They will learn to think like upper-management thinks and subsequently communicate more effectively.  From this perspective, the project manager will understand how to plan and execute projects that will propel their organizations to new levels of success.  Furthermore, project managers will learn to pitch new projects that will greatly affect their business’s bottom line.

One particular tool that many readers of The Project Manager's MBA will find valuable is the online cost calculator.  This cost calculator will greatly aid the project manager in developing projects that will truly impress the upper-management. While using the online calculator, readers gain a deep understanding of how the many different variables affect a company’s bottom line.  The true impact of a project doesn’t end after launch, but instead is determined over the complete life of the project.

The principles in this book are important to any phase of a project manager’s job.  It will help them develop a new project.  It will also help them improve a company’s infrastructure.  Great company service is a key to all businesses and The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions into Business Success will help project managers develop plans that translate to success in this area.

In this book project managers will also learn how to avoid delays due to ineffective project planning, how to monitor ongoing projects and how to follow through on projects to ensure their success.  Project managers will learn to control expenses caused by ineffective scope management and poor staff utilization and accountability.  The project management training delivered by this book will also provide a deeper understanding of how their jobs serve the public and how to encourage happy customers that want to return to the organization time and time again.

To your business success.

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